Interesting Facts About Exercise

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I think we all suffer from lethargy when it comes to exercising. It is hard to fit it into our busy schedules, and in between work and family life. Here is a list of fun and interesting facts about exercise that might help to motivate you to put your gym kit on.


You may have read, there is no best time to exercise, for your body this may be the case, I would suggest the best time to exercise is when it is convenient for you.

Mood Swings

If you suffer from regularly being in a bad mood, then getting fit definitely helps. Regular exercise can stimulate the happy hormone and increases overall well-being.

In The Bedroom

Regular exercise can lead to more enjoyable sex. This is because exercise can improve body image, energy, self-esteem and overall fitness.


Consistent exercise can also reduce symptoms of PMS.

Caffeine Boost

Drink a large cup of coffee before your workout.  Caffeine is a stimulant and can help to boost your performance by as much at 70 per cent.

Fat Burning

The more you train to run long distances, the more efficient your body becomes at using energy, which means it is easier to burn fat.


When you reach the age of 50, you will more than likely have walked 75,000 miles. Walking is a slow and steady fat burning exercise. 

Over Doing It

Too much cardio can actually prevent fat loss because your body will actually burn muscle for fuel.


Running adds three to four times your body weight in pressure to your feet. Ouch!

Dancing is fun and excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, and burns as many if not more calories than any other more formal type of exercise.

Decreased dehydration, means decreased performance at the gym. So ensure you are fully hydrated for peak performance during a workout.


Visualization can really help to improve your workout. If you visualize yourself completing the exercise before you actually perform it, then you will be able to perform the exercise with more intensity and effectiveness. If you doubt this fact, have a look online, there are lots of testimonials from people who have actually used this technique and say it works.


Eat before your workout, this is contrary to a lot of expert advice, but if you run out of energy during your workout, your body will start burning your muscle tissue, not your stored body fat, you could also experience that sharp pain in your side, called a stitch.


No matter what excuses we come up with not to exercise, there is no doubting that exercise is amazingly good for us.  The benefits far outweigh the negatives, and with machines for home exercising, running up and down your garden or watching an exercise class on line, there is no reason why we cannot integrate it into our daily lives.