Getting around

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Getting around

1400 years ago, the Sui Dynasty in China completed one of the most impressive transportation projects of its, and in fact any time. By far the most advanced civilization on the planet at that time, the Chinese had managed to build a waterway that connected the imperial capitals of Beijing… Read more »

Secrets of attractive people

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Secrets of attractive people

People are attracted to each other on innumerable different levels and for countless reasons. Every single person can be attractive. Whether that’s true or not, most of us like to believe it and use it as an excuse to blame bad luck when we can’t find a partner. If you’re… Read more »

How to look and sound like a leader

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sound like a leader

If you asked 100 people to compile a list of great leaders throughout history, who do you think would be the most common choices? George Washington? Margaret Thatcher? Julius Caesar? Genghis Khan perhaps? About Thatcher we know the most. We have video and audio footage of her. We know that… Read more »

Interesting Facts about Guitars

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Facts about Guitars

Every culture in the world has some form of guitar, but most of us are guilty of knowing very little about its origins. The guitar can be traced back as much as 4000 years. The oldest known iconographic representation of an instrument displaying the essential features of a guitar is… Read more »

Dinner Party Disaster!

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Dinner Party Disaste

I am a cook, I love to cook and will admit, I am actually a bit of a show off. I am always looking for an excuse to cook. Friends, family, adults, kids, literally no one is safe from being invited around to my house to eat. I invited 10… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Exercise

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Interesting Facts About Exercise

I think we all suffer from lethargy when it comes to exercising. It is hard to fit it into our busy schedules, and in between work and family life. Here is a list of fun and interesting facts about exercise that might help to motivate you to put your gym… Read more »

No More Long Lines for Coffee

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There is nothing I hate more than standing in line and waiting. To tell you the truth, I’ve tried really hard to work on my issues concerning my lack of patience for decades. Despite all that effort, nothing has really changed. I still don’t like to wait and in the… Read more »

Apple Cinnamon Waffle Recipe [Guest Post]

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Apple Cinnamon Waffle Recipe

I love making homemade apple cinnamon waffles on Sunday mornings. There is nothing better than a fluffy homemade waffle drizzled with a bit of syrup for improving the your outlook on the day. But you don’t have to reserve this recipe for weekend mornings, if you are like me you… Read more »

Why does Your Air Mattress deflate?

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You go to bed buoyant and you wake feeling as flat as a pancake, why is this you ask.  For starters you have an air mattress, but this does not have to be the case. An air mattress is never going to be 100% air tight.  Why you ask.  100%… Read more »

Frazzled in the Morning: How to Keep Your Curly Hair in Check

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Young woman with eyes closed, smiling, close-up

Curly hair is awesome to look at, as well as touch; some women on the planet, however, find that it’s really hard to deal with on a daily basis. There are some men out there that actually prefer a curlier variety of hair on women, as everyone has their own… Read more »